Uranium Beads

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Would you spend less than $50 to potentially reduce your risk of getting cancer by up to 40% with a product that keeps on giving well beyond your lifetime?  This web site offers you this possibility.  How about potentially increasing your lifespan?Our products offer scientifically proven low doses of beneficial radiation that could do just that.  Read the documentation and decide for yourself if you agree and then order our products!

Live a healthier life!  Our uranium glass beads can provide numerous health benefits that have been proven to be effective over the past century!

For a healthier body and mind!



Our bracelets will give you the same positive immune system boost as the necklace depending on the number of beads.     Wear one on each wrist or add ankle with wrist bracelet for maximum health benefits!

Necklaces $25+

Get one of our uranium glass-bead necklaces (with magnetic clasp pictured) that continuously bathes your body in low level radiation that positively stimulates your immune system!  Maximum health benefits with necklace or two bracelets.

Health Enhancing Products: